Please read this guide thoroughly before begin working on your homework.

I personally write this guide in English because I believe you are all ready for the IELTS class.

You have 9 writing to be analyzed during the course of your study at Aceh Learning Center.

We advise you to break it into, Four IELTS Task 1 and Five IELTS Task 2. But you can break it to your liking.

Why do we limit the number of task teacher analyze?

  • First, as far as we know, we are the only IELTS course in Banda Aceh that provides personalized feedback on writing.
  • Second, providing feedback requires immense amount of teacher’s time. On average, our teacher spends at least 45 minutes per IELTS writing.

Thus, we advise you to submit your best writing yet so that our feedback will be meaningful to you.

You can choose any of the exercises in our book and keep in mind how many you have submitted.

What is my best writing?

Well, it depends on the student. On our side, the best writing is the writing that you thoughtfully plan and write based on the allocated time.

It means when you write, you give dedicated time (not writing just for sake of completing it).

Pick the best time and a quiet place at home and begin writing.

Ensure that you don’t get distracted by anyone or anything.

Ensure to write based on the allocated time (20 minutes for Task 1 & 40 minutes for Task 2).

You may go beyond this limit but no more than 10 minutes and try to lower your loose time in the next writing.

Your aim is to provide the best writing within the allocated time.

Thus, try to target the four score matrics throughout your writing.

What are the IETLS score matrics?

Score matrics are band descriptors used by the IELTS examiners when scoring our writing. The one we have access to is the public version.

The examiner has more detailed matrics on how to score but it is confidential and we don’t have access to it.

The metrics show us what band we would get if our writing meet the description in the score matrics.

The matrics are:

  • Task Achievement
  • Coherence and Cohesion
  • Lexical Resource
  • Grammatical Range & Accuracy

Please refer to our book for a detailed explanation of each matric on:

  • Pages 1 & 3 (Task 1)
  • Pages 45 & 46 (Task 2).

Should I plan my writing?

Yes, definitely. you should always plan before you write. This will make your writing better and flows coherently.

We suggest you follow our best practice but you can fit it to your style and comfort.

Task 1 Planning (3 minutes)

  • Analyze questions
  • Determine the overview
  • Prepare details for each overview

Task 2 Planning (5-7 minutes)

  • Analyze questions
  • Decide your position
  • Prepare ideas for each paragraph

For detailed guidance on plan and writing, please refer to:

  • Page 8 for Task 1
  • Page 48 for Task 2

How to review my writing?

You know what, before you submit it to us, you should review your own writing. You need to know whether or not your writing is good.

This skill will help you to independently judge your wiring later on after you finish our class.

After you finish writing, read again and determine if you have achieved each score matrix well. You should ask:

  • Have I addressed the task pretty well?
  • Is each sentence and paragraph cohoerence?
  • Is my writing plain and montonous or did I use varius words, phrases?
  • Did I use a wide range of grammar? Is it all grammatically accurate and corrrect?

For a detailed checklist, refer to our book on:

  • Page 7 for Writing Task 1
  • Page 47 for Writing Task 2

How do I write?

  • You shoud write on a paper using pencils so that you get used to it.
  • You should spend time on each writing accordingly (20 minutes for Task 1 & 40 minutes for Task 2).
  • Rewrite it to MS docs but don’t make any correction even if you are aware of it.
  • Upload both the paper and ms word to our form.

Why are we eager to spend time reviewing your writing?

Because we really want to help you. Our experience shows that students can only improve if they get personal feedback.

We are happy to see you get a good IELTS score and get a scholarship.

We want to hear good stories from our students once they finish their classes.

Do share with me when you are about to take the IELTS test, get the results, and hopefully win the scholarship.

You can find my number in the class group and let our admin know.

I will be happy to write a recommendation letter for my student when they apply for scholarships or jobs. I have done it many times.

Can’t wait to see you send me your pictures when you are abroad.

It was the best experience in my life when I went to Japan, United States, & Australia. I want you to have such an experience as well.

Look at our ALUMNI, maybe your picture will be posted here one day, Amiin.

I also write some Basic English Materials that might help you in your grammar. You definitely should check it out.

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