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The plane with the largest wingspan ever built was nicknamed the Spruce Goose. The wingspan of the Spruce Goose was 320 feet (almost 100 meters), and the plane weighed 200 tons. It was so big that it needed eight engines to power it.

The plane was designed by Howard Hughes in response to a U.S. government request for a plane that was able to carry a large cargo for the war effort. It was made of wood because wood is a less critical material in wartime than metal.

The plane was so difficult to build that it never really got used. It was flown one time only, by Hughes himself, on November 2, 1947; during that flight it traveled a distance of less than one mile over the Los Angeles Harbor, but it did fly. Today, the Spruce Goose is on exhibit for the public to see in Long Beach, California.

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